A Church Where Jesus Is Lord And Everybody Is Somebody




                                                          CHURCH HISTORY

One Hundred thirty-six Years


A complete accurate history of this church cannot be given due to early records not being kept of its early organization.  However, according to the most reliable information available, this church was organized in 1865 by a group of people who had previously held services under a “bush labor” (a shelter of vines or branches).  This group of people decided to build a church. 

     The land, located on the Tennessee and Kentucky State Line on Peachers Mill Road was given to the members by a gentleman named Peacher.  Thus, the church was named after him and called Peacher Chapel. 

      After a few years many of the members living in Kentucky decided to build a church closer to them.  They separated from Peacher Chapel and built a church (Concord) on Bakers Mill Road, which was then Kelly Farm.  Some few years later the farm, which included the church, was sold to Mr. Peter Barker.  Members of Concord appointed a committee to speak to with Mr. Barker regarding the purchase of the land on which the church stood. Mr. Barker sold them the land for $1.00, as long as it was always used for religious or educational purposes. 

     In the year 1917, Mr. Barker gave the church an official deed of ownership.  In 1940, the number of members belonging to Peacher Chapel had dwindled significantly.  The remaining members decided to merge with Concord and Peacher Chapel was torn down.  The huge bell tower that previously graced the top of Peacher Chapel was moved to Concord.  During this time Concord was under the pastorate of Rev. Reuben Northington.  Rev Northington enlarged the church by adding more to the front, two rooms and a hall, and Concord membership continued to grow.

     Under the pastorate of Rev. Alvin Oldham our present place of worship was built, and then dedicated in August of 1974.  The old church was torn down in June 1977.  Since that historic date the church continued to prosper with God’s grace.  Rev. Alvin Oldam retired on March 28, 1999.

      On October 10, 1999, Rev. Delbert R. Brown accepted pastoralship of this great church.  Pastor Brown reminds us often it’s not the size of our church roll that matter, but the number of members that are actively laboring in the vineyard, building up God’s kingdom.  Since this time the church has purchased 4 acres of land, a new PA System & Sound Room, added a Tape Ministry and entered cyberspace with this Website for the church.