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Concord Missionary Baptist Church

Where Jesus Is Lord And Everybody Is Somebody

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Concord Missionary Baptist Church

       A Church  Were Jesus Is Lord And Everybody Is Somebody


Hi my name is Delbert Brown and  it is my privilege to serve as pastor of the Concord Missionary Baptist Church here in Clarksville Tennessee. My family and I would like to welcome you and your family into this community. We realize that searching for a church home can be difficult with all the options that are available. We would like to help you by sharing with you who we are and what we believe.  We want to offer you and opportunity to be a part of a  church


Where Jesus Is Lord And Everybody Is Somebody.” 

That  is the message that we take back into the community every week.    We believe that God still uses the vision principle to focus  the church   

Prov 28:19:   teaches that without vision people perish.    Literally  people can become distracted with their own agenda and hinder His vision for the church. We  believe that every vision that is God sent  will be anchored in God’s word.

Our Vision can be defined in one word “Health”  Mt 22:37-39, Pro3:5,6.   We define Health  spiritually as “God First Others Second And Trust the Lord to take care of us”.

We believe that with every vision from God will come with an assignment.

 We refer to our assignment as Our Mission.  

The Mission at Concord can be defined with three words Recruit, Reclaim and Retain

.  Recruiting 1 Cor 9:22 “ meeting people where they are” we   and identify those members who are currently on the church membership roster who have not yet made a commitment to ministry. We believe it is our responsibility to  get the most out of what God has put in others. Here at Concord we teach that Recruiting is every members assignment and responsibility.   We believe that every member has value and that what ever God has gifted you with for the purpose of kingdom building belongs to the church collectively. And that the gifts the church collectively has  belong to every member individually.

We don't believe The Church can ever be all that she can be without everything God has to get the work done.

Reclaiming Mt 28:19-20  speaks to the need for each of us to go out of our way to identify those individuals who are members of the church and for one reason or another have fallen away from fellowship with the church.

Retaining, Rm 12:1-2 here at Concord we teach that  because of God's mercies it is reasonable for those of us who profess to be Christians to render service to God.   

Our strategy is simple we call it WBBS we want to Win  you Bring you in Build you up and Send you out in service for the Lord. So again from our family to your family  if you  are looking for

A Church Where Jesus Is Lord And Everybody Is Somebody”

we would like to invite you to visit us at Concord Missionary Baptist Church 2411 Peachers Mill Rd.

From our family to yours:

We hope to See you soon:

Rev. Delbert R. Brown
AA. AS. BS. Th.B
Pastor Concord Missionary Baptist Church