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Concord Missionary Baptist Church

Where Jesus Is Lord And Everybody Is Somebody

Concord Missionary Baptist Church

"The Old Landmark of the Past"

According to the most reliable information available, Concord originated and was organized in 1865, by a group of people who were having service in a shack made of wooden planks, near a bush harbor, a grouping of trees, bushes, and foliage. The purpose of the bush arbor was to block the perils of the weather. This congregation decided to build a church. The land, was located on the Tennessee and Kentucky state line, on Peachers Mill Road, and was given to the members by a man known as "Peacher" and so the first church was named after him, and called Peachers Chapel. After a few years many of the members living in Kentucky decided .to build a church closer to them and there homes. They separated from Peachers Chapel and built a church on Barker's Mill Road, which
was then part of the Kelly farm. Some few years later the farm was sold to a Mr. Peter Barker with the Church included. The church then appointed a committee to go talk to Mr. Barker about the land on which the church stood. Mr. Barker agreed to the proposal to give the land on which the church stood
for the amount of one dollar ($1. 00) as long as it was used for religious or educational purposes.

In the year 1917 Mr. Barker gave the church an official deed. Mr. Barker later passed away, however his family continued to take interest in the church.
In 1940 the Peachers Chapel Church had so few members that they decided to merge with the Concord Baptist Church. This church body then relocated to another section of land on Barkers Mill Road, this place is now known as the "Old Concord." The huge bell tower that previously graced the top of
Peachers Chapel was moved to Concord when the chapel was tom down. The Rev. Leslie I. Galbreath, Pastor at that time, enlarged the church by adding more to the front, two rooms and a hall to its facade, and this church began to increase in membership. The church was under the 1st District Association of
Hopkinsville, Ky. In 1966 God sent us an angel, that in the form of Rev. Alvin Oldham B.A., B. TH. Through his leadership at Concord, the church and congregation grew and prospered. The church moved from the hollows of Barkers Mill Road to its present site on Peachers Mill Road and was dedicated in 1974. A time capsule of sorts was placed under the cornerstone containing an antique bible, donated by Sis. Anna Brewer and a bottle of wine. The old church was tom down in June of 1977; however the "Out House" still remains as a landmark of our past. The church continued to prosper and God continued to add new members to this body. Concord is now affiliated with the Cumberland River South Kentucky Middle Tennessee Baptist District Association, for the sole reason that the church in now located within the State of Tennessee.

The land where the church presently stands was purchased from Sis. Bobbie Lee Darden for $1,200.00. Sis. Bobbie Lee Darden later donated a half acre of land in the name of her late parents Deacon Robert Broomfield and Mother Rosie Broomfield. Lots on each side of the church were purchased from Robert
Clark for $7000.00 each. Between 1981 and 1991, the Lord allowed the church to add a new vestibule to the front of the church, which includes the Ladies Lounge and the Choir Room, the purchase of a 28 passenger bus, a garage, a utility building, new lighting system for the sanctuary replacing the dated
lights with beautiful gold chandeliers, a grand piano, and in the later 1990's refurnished the ladies lounge and choir room, a marquee for the cemetery, nursery, children's church and the purchase of more land. In 1981 The Concord Mass Choir recorded a gospel album, with the title of "Rivers of Joy,
"you can still hear select tracks on Sunday morning radio. The list of accomplishments afforded Concord are numerous, but throughout the years, Pastor Oldham remained humble, steadfast, and thankful to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

In January 1982, Sis. Barbara E. Johnson organized the first 3C's, Concord Creative Club. With the support of the 12 member club, the church pews were cushioned, the basement floor was tiled, we purchased our silver collection plates, and furniture for the pastor's study, and the choir room.
In 1984 the church had a Mortgage Burning ceremony. The special guest speaker for the occasion was Rev. B. F. Green of Hopkinsville, Ky. In 1986 the old pastor's study was turned in to the secretary and finance office and a new pastor's study was added to the church. On, the evening March 28, 1999 Pastor Oldham delivered his final sermon and retired after 34 faithful years of service, in what was perhaps his most emotionally charged sermons. He left us with a stirring rendition of "Precious Lord," which he had originally sung on the album. Pastor Oldham gave us hope for a greater future and a renewed spirit and the faith that God would never lead us astray. Between 1997 and 1999 we've remodeled the kitchen. In addition we sold our bus and purchered 2
vans to increase the amount of people, we could service. We added a new lighting system to increase visibility in our sanctuary and fellowship hall.
God always has a way of making a way, and he showed Concord a way to step into a new era, and has yet again blessed Concord with a great Shepard.

On October 10, 1999 Reverend Delbert R. Brown accepted the call from Concord and the pastorate of this Great church. On Pastor Brown's watch, the
church has purchased four acres of land, installed a new public announcement system and incorporated A sound room into the back of the old sanctuary. We refurnished the pastor study, purchased new computers with upgraded software to accommodate the increasing needs of the church. We have also
broadened our outreach through our tape ministry, our Television ministry, and we have entered in to the realms of the internet with the launching of our website: Our congregation has grown by the grace of God to over 1500 members and 46 different active ministries. We finished
phase one on 4 May 2008, of a four phase building program. Phase one was the completion of a 2.8 million dollar, new sanctuary which seats over 750 members, state of the art security system, audio, video, duplication and copy system, office spaces and a fellowship facility. And as the songwriter said,
"we don't feel no ways tired, we've come to far from where we started from, nobody told us that the Road would be easy, and we don't believe God brought us this far to leave us."